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Thread unscrewing units

Thread unscrewing units, hydraulic

The optimal solution is offered for each internal thread
With thread unscrewing units internal threads in
injection-moulded parts can be demoulded easily,
quickly, precisely, and economically.

The construction types can be installed directly in or
on the mould. There is also the possibility to combine
several thread unscrewing units of different types and

Thread unscrewing units ha ve been used f or injectionmoulded
parts made of plas tics or metal since more
than a decade.

The constant high precision of t he internal threads
cannot be reached by conventional methods as e.g. r ack
gears, collapsible cores or ser vo-motors.

The low-maintenance thread unscrewing units are most
suitable for large-batch production. It is no pr oblem to
retrofit existing moulds.

Special thread unscrewing units on request.
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