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Conical spring washers • Coil springs • System compression springs ISO 10243 • Taper pressure plugs • Spring vice units • Distance tubes • Raising washers • Strain washers • Regrinding washers • Screwed flanges • Spring plates for elastomer springs • Guide bolts for elastomer springs • Discs • Damping discs • Elastomer coil springs • Elastomer staffs • Slide holding devices • Spring stops • Spring ejectors

Design criteria

- Priority given to spring travel.
- Priority given to spring power.
- Priority given to service life.

Tuotekuva Spring washer is based on the ratio of height to thickness. When this ..
Tuotekuva STRACK NORMA elastomer springs are specified in the DIN Standards 9835..
Tuotekuva Elastomeritangot sekä elastomeriputket jousiksi, iskun- ja äänenvaime..
Tuotekuva System compression springs Satisfying highest requirements - in..